A beautiful colorpicker library for Android.

screenshot 1
screenshot 2

Here are its main features:

  • Simple dialog builder
  • ARGB, RGB & HSV color models
  • Dark theme support
  • Sliders with gradient background
  • Switch color models in runtime

Step 1: Install it:

dependencies {
    implementation 'io.github.vadiole:colorpicker:1.0.2'

Step 2: Pick Colors

Pick colors as shown below:

//  create dialog
val colorPicker: ColorPickerDialog = ColorPickerDialog.Builder()

                //  set initial (default) color

                //  set Color Model. ARGB, RGB or HSV

                //  set is user be able to switch color model

                //  set your localized string resource for OK button

                //  set your localized string resource for Cancel button

                //  callback for picked color (required)
                .onColorSelected { color: Int ->
                    //  use color

                //  create dialog

//  show dialog from Activity, "color_picker") 

//  show dialog from Fragment, "color_picker")      


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