react-location is an Enterprise Client-Side Routing for React.

Here are its main features:

  • Asynchronous routing
    • Promise-based data loaders
    • Asynchronous route elements
    • Threshold-based pending route elements
    • Error boundary route elements
    • Code-splitting
    • Post-render async loader APIs (stale-while-revalidate, external cache integration)
    • Navigation batching with graceful replace/push escalation
  • Deeply integrated Search Params API
    • JSON-first Search Params
    • Full <Link> and useNavigate integration
    • Full cmd+click support
    • Search Param Immutability w/ Structural Sharing
    • Batched Updates / Functional Updates
    • Route Matching
    • Optional Compression w/ JSURL plugin or your own custom parser/serializer!
  • Hooks for everything: Router, Matches, Route Matching, Preloading
  • Optional route filtering/ranking
  • Optional JSX route definitions
  • Prepackaged simple cache implementation for route loader caching
  • Easy Integration w/ external caches and storage (eg. React Query, Apollo, SWR, RTKQuery)

Visit for docs, guides, API and more!


Below are the reference links:

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1. Read more here.
2. Follow code author here.