Yet another open source color picker for Android.

So, why should you use this color picker? It is highly customizable and easy to use. You can simply add the ColorPreference to your preferences and a beautiful color picker dialog will be displayed without additional code. The color picker supports alpha and allows you to set your own presets.

Here is the demo:

Step 1: Install it

Download the latest AAR or grab via Gradle:

implementation 'com.jaredrummler:colorpicker:1.1.0'

Step 2: Use it

Add the ColorPreference to your preference XML:

<PreferenceScreen xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"






Note: Using AndroidX's PreferenceFragmentCompat? Then use com.jaredrummler.android.colorpicker.ColorPreferenceCompat

You can add attributes to customize the ColorPreference:

name type documentation
cpv_dialogType enum "custom" to show the color picker, "preset" to show pre-defined colors
cpv_showAlphaSlider boolean Show a slider for changing the alpha of a color (adding transparency)
cpv_colorShape enum "square" or "circle" for the shape of the color preview
cpv_colorPresets reference An int-array of pre-defined colors to show in the dialog
cpv_dialogTitle reference The string resource id for the dialog title. By default the title is "Select a Color"
cpv_showColorShades boolean true to show different shades of the selected color
cpv_allowPresets boolean true to add a button to toggle to the custom color picker
cpv_allowCustom boolean true to add a button to toggle to the presets color picker
cpv_showDialog boolean true to let the ColorPreference handle showing the dialog

You can also show a ColorPickerDialog without using the ColorPreference:


All the attributes above can also be applied to the ColorPickerDialog. The activity that shows the dialog must
implement ColorPickerDialogListener to get a callback when a color is selected.


Read more here.