A mobile-friendly React autocomplete component.

Demo (source)


npm install instatype --save


import React from 'react';
import Instatype from 'instatype';

class Component extends React.Component {

  render() {
    return <Instatype requestHandler={myRequestHandler} selectedHandler={mySelectedHandler}/>;


Prop Description
placeholder Placeholder text for input
limit Number of results to show in dropdown
thumbStyle Set result images to "circle" or "square"
loadingIcon Path to custom loading icon
requestHandler Required function that fetches data, adds "image" and "name" properties to each object in the response array, and then passes data back to the instatype component. See an example requestHandler function below.
selectedHandler Required function that is called when a dropdown result is clicked. This will be passed the full object initially used to populate that result in the dropdown.

Example requestHandler

requestHandlerUsers: function(query, limit, callback){

    url: "",
    dataType: "jsonp",
    data: {
      client_id: this.props.instagramClientId,
      q: query,
      count: limit
    success: function(data) {
      // Instatype expects an "image" and "name" for each result
      var renamedData ={
        result.image = result.profile_picture; = result.username;
        return result;




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